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Equal Respect for All

K-MUG is one of the largest technology community in India. We prides ourselves on being an open, respectful, and inclusive community. That means jerky behavior isn’t allowed at K-MUG meetings. Because we know that it’s not obvious to everyone, here’s a reminder of the things we don’t allow: jokes or offensive comments about sex/sexuality/race/religion/nationality/body size, showing porn in public, touching people uninvited, or continuing to interact with someone after they’ve asked you to stop. Continuous jerky behavior may result in getting expelled from the meeting or K-MUG.

If someone is bothering you, please tell K-MUG Community Council immediately and they will take care of it. We want to maintain K-MUG meetup’s awesomeness.

We have participants from all geographies of India. So, we request you to use ENGLISH as the primary medium of communication.

  • Only Technology related discussions and posts allowed
  • Strictly NO discussions on topics related to Politics, age, gender, sex, and religion
  • No personal attack

Let's Get In Touch!

Planning to host an event or interested in becoming a speaker? That's great! Collaborate with us. Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!